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As per the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Scheme issued by CBSE, the whole session is divided into two terms- term 1 (April - September) and term 2 (October - March). Term 1 Comprises of two Formative Assessments (FAS) and one Summative Assessment (SA) In the form of FA-1, FA-2 and SA-1 to be conducted in between April to September and term 2 again comprises of two Formative Assessments (FAS) and one Summative Assessment (SA) in the form of FA-3, FA-4 and SA- 2 to be conducted in between October to March. The weightage Chart for each Assessment is as follows :

  • Term 1(50%)
  • FA-1 (10%). FA-2 (10%), SA-1 (30%)
  • Term 2 (50%)
  • FA-3 (10%), FA-4 (10%). SA-2 (30%)
  • Overall We ightage : Term 1 + Term2 = 50% +50% = 100%



First Formative Assessment (FA-1)

28th April 2014 to 28th June, 2016

Second Formative Assessment (FA-2)

7th July 2014 to 25th August 2016

First Summative Assessment (SA-1)

8th Septe-mber 2016 to 27th September 2016

Third Formative Assessment (FA-3)

13th October 2016 to 29th November 2016

Fourth Formative Assessment (FA-4)

8th December 2016 to 24th January 2017

Second Summative Assessment (SA-2)

2nd March 2017 to 21st March 2017

Note: Dates may vary as per the guidelines and instructions from CBSE or the Cluster




FA-1 (April-June)

FA-2 (July-August)

FA-3 (October-November)

FA-4 (Dec -January)

TASK - 1

28th April-3rd May

7th July-121h July

13th October-18th October

8th Dec - 15th Dec.

TASK - 2

5th May-l0th May

21st July-26th July

3rd November-11th November

18th Dec - 24th December

TASK - 3

16th June-23rd June

4th August-11th August

14th November-20th November

5th January-10th January 2017

TASK - 4  23rd June-28th June  19th August-25th August    22nd November-29th November 19th January- 24th January 2017